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Underwear for Women

Feel confident and sexy with Calvin Klein's iconic underwear for women. CK women's underwear equals classic design and unbeatable quality. Mix and match high waisted knickers with your favourite Calvin Klein bra or bralette. Prepare for a sensual night in with our luxury lingerie collection. Or go for irresistible comfort with our cotton thongs and knickers. Go for classic plain fabrics or bold and funky prints. Or add a seductive touch with our lace underwear collection. Need plus-size support? We've got you. Sustainable fabrics? We use them. Express your individuality with Calvin Klein's iconic underwear for women. CK. Underwear for life.

How do you fold women's underwear to save space?

To save space in your underwear drawer, fold the crotch of your panties up to the waistband, then fold the underwear in half so that the left side meets the right side. Now, roll the underwear into a tight cylinder.

How do you measure a woman's underwear size?

To find a woman's underwear size, measure her waist, hips and thigh circumference, then use our size guide to find the right fit. Want to find out her bra size? Our bra size guide helps you find the right fit based on her bust and band measurement.